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Some of the Testimonials and Healings

"God used Sue's impacting preaching to minister to us at the Church of the Nazarene in Mesquita, Rio de Janeiro!   So many were touched by the Spirit to the point that our altar became too small to receive all the people seeking God.  Since Sue is such an anointed preacher, she is always invited to bring the Word to us."  Rev. Amadeu Teixeira, Senior Pastor and District Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene, Brazil


"Dear Sue, Thank you so much for empowering us with the Word of God on this crucial ministry of Jesus.  Every point was clearly articulated from the Scripture.  Every spoken word enlivened by the Holy Spirit.  My church and town are forever changed because of your ministry.  Broken bones have been healed instantly.  The church desperately needs these teachings and I can't think of a more anointed person to share this necessary message."  Rev. Kelli Westmark, Lincoln City, Church of the Nazarene


"Anointed and dynamic are the two words that best describe Sue Keith.  I have seen God healing many people through her prayers and know that churches would be blessed by her ministry."  Pastor Marci Mattoso, Executive Dir. Hope Station Community Services, Salem, OR


 "Sue is passionate and committed to the Word of God.  She preaches with the power of the Holy Spirit and her faith is contagious.  We want her back again to minister the Word of God to our people."  Pastor Amadeu Henrique, Church of the Nazarene, Edson Passos, Brazil 


"There comes a point in every person's walk with Christ that requires a spark, Sue is a sparkler.  She has a rare combination of depth, relatability and authentic excitement.  I've witnessed Sue being a willing conduit for the Word of God to come alive.  High school students, adults and seniors all connect with her insights and inspiration.  When you meet Sue, you'll quickly understand why God has chosen her to stand in front and open the Word." Rex R., Salem, OR


"Sue delivered a challenging message that blessed our church people.  We were honored by the privilege of hearing her sharing the Word of God.  May God continue using her."    Pastor Ramon and Mariane Souza.  Church of the Nazarene in Presidente Juscelino, Brazil

"Sue has the ability to take complex principles found in the Bible and turn them into simple truths.  With those truths she brings profound practical applications for our daily living.  Some of those applications I still practice after nearly a decade of knowing her." Nick E., Salem, OR

"God has entrusted Sue with an amazing gift of teaching His Word in new and fresh ways.  She is so personable and her enthusiasm is contagious as she shares the treasures the Lord has revealed to her through the study of His word.  Many years ago, I had the privilege of hearing Sue teach on several occasions; once on the Revelation of Christmas and another on the Book of Leviticus.  I was so impressed by what she had learned that I began a study of my own.  God used that study to transform my life.  My prayer has been that God would place in me the same insatiable hunger for His word that He has placed in Sue. I am excited to learn more from her as she is led by the Holy Spirit.  I would encourage anyone who has never had the chance to sit under Sue's tutelage to take the opportunity.  You will be blessed!"  Kimbie S., Olympia, WA

"Excellent -  I enjoyed everything.  I love that you are Word based.  You covered so much.  Anyone can take this and start praying for the sick.  Your delivery was excellent.  Very easy to understand and absorb what you imparted into us." Ali

"Learning in more detail about healing was awesome.  Using the Scripture to develop one's perspective of truth (as opposed to what we see).  You were respectful of all God's church.  The Bible speaks to the church as one unified church.  I think you spoke to the church without acknowledging fracture.  You are an excellent presenter - don't change anything." Kent

"I so sensed the Holy Spirit from the very beginning!  I love, love that so much Scriptures is in our faces!  And especially the revelation you have about Jesus' blood and covenant and communion. Very informative. Lots of Scripture to back up."  Frank


"I really learned a lot about healing that was in the Bible that I had never really thought about.  There was a lot of Scriptures to back everything up.  The time really flew.  I was riveted through the whole presentation.  It was organized in a way that we could take notes and ask questions."  Sue


"You covered even more than I expected.  I was excited to learn so much in so little time.  Your delivery is wonderful."  Joanne


"I really enjoyed hearing you speak on healing, Sue.  I have never really had anyone talk about it much in church, even with all the people who were suffering.  I appreciate you being bold and getting the word out in these workshops.  One of the women that was healed at the workshop suffers from what I have been, and I feel like I was being healed at the same time.  Thanks so much for being you." Susan


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.  Your seminar yesterday was amazing.  I learned so much and have so much to learn.  You are such a dynamic presenter, you keep the group engaged and entertained and mesmerized.  You are such a blessing - so much so you will probably never realize.  Thank you." Debra


A Few of the Healings Reported 

I went back for a scan after attending the workshop and it came back as completely normal. 

I was healed from Lyme disease at the workshop. 

I was healed from a torn back ligament. 

I was healed from Candidiasis.   

I was healed of Scoliosis.   

I was blind for years in one eye and I can now see out of my right eye. 

My lower back was healed. 

Three days later God answered the prayer I offered up at the workshop for a child. DHS called to say they have a 2 year old boy available for us to adopt. 

After 10 years of suffering from stomach issues, God healed me. 

I came to the workshop only able to stand up, or, lay down on the bed that was brought in for me.  I could not sit because of a broken tailbone.  When Sue laid her hands on me I felt heat go through my entire body and my tailbone was completely healed.  Several days later my doctor examined me and verified that this was a very unusual healing.

My knee was hurting for 4 years. The pain was gone after Sue prayed with me. I feel good!!

I lived with pain in my leg for 10 years. When Sue prayed & touched my legs in the name of Jesus, it felt like someone had put a hot towel on my leg. There was a burning sensation & the pain was gone.





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