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SECOND SATURDAY  Bible Study, a once a month event


Date of Next Bible Study:  Use our contact form to inquire  

Time: 9:30 - 11:30 AM   

Location:  Please Contact us for our meeting location in Salem, Oregon


You are invited to join our once-a-month Bible study, held on the Second Saturday of every month, from 9:30 -  11:30 AM, for an in-depth study of the Scriptures.  Men and women who are passionate about maturing into the sons of God are encouraged to attend.  Sorry, childcare is not available at this time however, we have a nursing and play room available.  We provide complimentary packaged snacks and tea/coffee service.  All teaching and Scripture references are from the NASB. 


Second Saturday is devoted to training disciples who can make converts and transform them into disciples as well, in the Holy Spirit.  The family unit is our first mission field, therefore, we provide helps for re-engaging your loved ones who may not currently be walking with the Lord.  We do not preach sermons, we teach the Bible to our attendees who represent over 25 churches within a 1 hour radius. 

We present Bible expositions as well as topical studies, while showing you how to use and build your reference library.   Since we do not give our Pastors adequate time in the pulpit, we fill in the blanks with the lesser taught, but equally important Bible passages and topics. 

We provide in-depth classes on such things as the person of Jesus Christ and His role in the Trinity, Bible prophecy, God’s angelic hosts, the festivals, the tabernacle, God’s administration in heaven, the role of Israel and her promises, the role of the church and her promises, the fallen spirit realm, God’s courtrooms, the rapture, healing the sick, Christ’s inheritance, eternal rewards Jesus earned for us through His sacrifice on the cross, today's Technology in the Scriptures, recognizing and interpreting types and shadows, as well as a long list of other engaging lessons. 

The classes require all of us to rely on prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit to help us understand the truths revealed through these less familiar Bible passages.  We have cultivated a safe learning environment, where pertinent questions and short exchanges of dialog are welcome.  We encourage further dialog and exploration of the lessons to be done in study groups outside of our classroom time.  This enables us to get through each lesson plan while we’re all together.  

The concept behind Second Saturday is to take a two hour block of time, once a month, dedicating ourselves to learning the Bible.  Since your local church provides a music ministry, our focus is on maturing in the Scriptures in the same manner Jesus did when He walked on this earth.  When He set aside His deity and came to earth as the Son of Man, He had to rely on the Holy Spirit to learn accurate doctrine, how to surrender to the Father, how reveal the unseen kingdom to mankind, how to administer healing, how to communicate the order of end time events, etc., just like we must learn to do. 

We hope to equip laypeople with answers to the tough Bible questions that non-believers often ask when presented with the gospel.  When God’s people know their Bibles, they are #1)  more likely to initiate spiritual conversations with others, #2)  they do not shrink back in fear of persecution, #3)  they are more discerning of incorrect or deceitful doctrines, #4)  they will understand the seasons and the appropriate works of faith and service for that season, and #5)  they teach the Scriptures to the next generation in a manner that enables them to also contend for the faith.

Thank you for your interest in our classes, please contact us if you have any questions, would like to receive our monthly E-Newsletter, or have a prayer request.  

"My son, give attention to my words. . ., for they are life to those who find them, and health to all their whole body." Proverbs 4:20-22

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Mailing address:  P.O. Box 302, Salem, OR  97308